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With the hyOffice app for Microsoft Teams, your team can see exactly who is in the office for a meeting and who joins virtually - e. g. from the home office. There is no need for time-consuming queries about the presence of participants. Thus, your team can work together even more efficiently. Face-to-face contacts and spontaneous gatherings are promoted and a culture of hybrid working is strengthened at the same time.

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Automatic check-in - Perfectly integrated into your Office 365 world

Even in the hybrid world of work, face-to-face contact is essential for any team. Traditional solutions for checking employee attendance fail because they require employees to manually enter their presence. With hyOffice, your employees are automatically checked in as soon as they arrive at the office. Thanks to its integration with Office 365, hyOffice fits seamlessly into your employees' daily work routine.

hyOffice App

The hyOffice app is the central dashboard for your employees - directly integrated into Microsoft Teams. Using the hyOffice app, your employees can:

  • check the presence of employees in the office.
  • maintain a list of favourites showing the presence of their teammates.
  • view the presence of participants in today's meetings.
  • plan their office days based on the office utilization.

hyOffice App for Microsoft TeamsMore information (AppSource)

hyOffice Desktop Extension

The hyOffice Desktop Extension runs in the background on the computer of your employees and supports:

  • with an automatic check-in of the employee in the hyOffice app when entering the office.
  • a high acceptance of the hybrid way of working by providing reliable information data.
  • maximum protection of personal data (no use of GPS data, deletion of check-ins after 3 months, etc.).

Desktop Extension for WindowsMore information (Microsoft Store)

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Only available with hyOffice

Automatic check-in

Only with automatic check-in will you have a reliable system for your employees. For users, it means maximum convenience.

Office utilization

As an organization, you get reliable figures on the utilization of your offices. You can better manage the balance of your office space and support long-term space planning with valid data.

Easy setup

In 5 minutes, hyOffice is configured for your organization and can be deployed by your Office 365 administrators through the Admin Portal.

Transparency & privacy

We collect only what we need for as long as we need it - your employees' check-ins are deleted after 3 months. Automatic check-in is designed to avoid collecting sensitive data.

Office 365 integration

Users sign in with their existing Office 365 account, and their colleagues' presence status appears directly in Microsoft Teams. Your employees do not need a separate account.

Best-in-class security

Your data is encrypted on servers in the Microsoft Cloud - protected by more than 3,500 cybersecurity experts.


Our pricing specifically for business customers

Start the free trial of the hyOffice app now and benefit from the advantages of a hybrid way of working.

Business (Month)

  • Monthly payment:
    Maximum flexibility

US$2 /Month 1)

  • Single sign-on
  • Integration with Office 365
  • Automatic check-in
  • Incl. Pro features (Planner, etc.)
  • 2 months free trial
  • 1) per user plus VAT

Business (Year)

  • Annual payment:
    Attractive discount

US$24 US$20 /Year 1)

  • Discount over 15% off
  • All features like Business (Month)
  • Convenient annual payment
  • Incl. Pro features (Planner, etc.)
  • 2 months free trial
  • 1) per user plus VAT

Our smart licensing model makes user assignment super easy for you. All licenses are issued on a free-floating model. You simply specify the validity of the licenses (e.g. a department or an entire site) and our application automatically determines which license belongs to which user. This way, you only order as many licenses as you need. We do the rest.

You can buy our licenses directly from Microsoft Teams, Microsoft AppSource or from Azure Marketplace. Note: With Microsoft as our payment provider, you can process your payments directly using the payment methods you already have on file with Microsoft.

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